Dele Alli tells Spurs teammate Harry Kane ‘I’d have claimed that goal too’

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Published 6 years ago on 16 April, 2018-48 views
Dele Alli tells Spurs teammate Harry Kane ‘I’d have claimed that goal too’

Dele Alli has backed Harry Kane and told him to ignore the detractors after the England striker was the subject of negative headlines this week.

Kane received criticism after, in his bid for a third successive Premier League Golden Boot, he claimed Tottenham’s second goal at Stoke last weekend, when it was originally awarded to Christian Eriksen.

The Golden Boot’s frontrunner Mohamed Salah was one of a number of Kane’s fellow professionals to question the Premier League’s decision to hand him the goal, while the Tottenham man has been the subject of extensive ridicule on social media for his pursuit of an appeal.

“Harry is an unbelievable striker. To be honest he touched it so it’s his goal and every striker would and should claim it if it is their goal,” he said. “He has just got to ignore what everyone else is saying, he knows how good he is and I am sure everyone else knows how good he is.

“Everyone is different, I don’t know how H is going to take it, but I think it gives some people a chance to put him down. But playing with him every day in training I can see how hard he works, he wants goals, he’s a striker, every striker wants goals, so he has just got to ignore it and focus on himself which I am sure he will do.

“He is an unbelievable player and he is a great person as well. If it was me and I touched the ball I would try and claim it as well.”

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